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2014 BBB Blue Torch Award for Ethics

2014 Calgary Small Business Award for Excellence in Customer Service


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  • Student loans over 7 Years
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  • Are you unable to see the end of when you will be debt free?
  • Are you unable to save for your future or your children's future?
  • Are your creditors calling you or are you simply avoiding their calls?
  • Would you like a clear plan when you will be debt free, with a payment plan that would fit within your budget, paid over a course of up to five years or less?
  • Would you also like to have a portion of your debt forgiven and pay back a portion of your debt with absolutely ZERO interest?

In 2015 John, Jennifer and their team helped

over 1000+ clients

in Calgary, Saskatchewan, and Mississauga.

As a couple in business together, we know and understand the overwhelming pressures that debt can not only have on you but also your family. We strive to help you through our full circle recovery process that starts with a FREE 60 minute consultation where we will go over all the available options to you as a Canadian, show you a personalized plan to get out of debt in 5 years or less and equally important, by equipping you with Financial Literacy tools to STAY OUT of debt!

In our local Calgary area alone, we have helped over 1100 clients just like you. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! We are experienced professionals who have a genuine heart for helping people restructure their debts and achieve financial freedom. There is no need to be ashamed, embarrassed or feel guilty for reaching out to get the help you need when you come in to see us. Instead, we want to give you hope, peace of mind and a fresh start through our services. In 2013 alone, we were able to successfully restructure over $15,393,172.00 worth of debt in one year! Thanks to our very own highly satisfied and happy clients, they nominated us for the Better Business Bureau 2013 Blue Torch Award for Consumer's Trust! This year, we were nominated yet again for the 2014 Calgary Small Business Award for Excellence in Customer Service! Call us today and book a free consultation as YOUR FIRST STEP to the financial freedom you have been looking for.

Calgary's favorite debt specialists,
John & Jennifer Croft
Financial Consultant and
Insolvency Counsellor


RECENT RESCUES by John and Jennifer

$160,000 REDUCED TO $15,000

DEBT LOAD OF $160,000 (of which $75,000 was debt owing to CRA). NOW SUCCESSFULLY REDUCED DOWN TO $15,000 = New payment of $250 x 60 months x 0% interest! CRA froze all banking accounts but we were able to assist in removing all the holds and now has financial control. There will be no more worries of being garnished!

$80,000 REDUCED TO $30,000

DEBT LOAD OF $80,000 Majority of his debt was with CRA. NOW SUCCESSFULLY REDUCED DOWN TO $30,000 = $500 x 60 months with 0% interest!

$115,000 REDUCED TO $54,000

DEBT LOAD OF $115,000 (Majority creditor is TD bank) who had monthly minimum payments of over $4,000. NOW SUCCESSFULLY REDUCED DOWN TO $54,000 = $900 x 60 months with 0%interest!

$24,800 REDUCED TO $6,720

Original Debt of $24,800+ interest is now reduced to $6720 = $120 x 56 months 0% interest.

$30,860 REDUCED TO $7,000

Original Debt of $30,860 + interest is now reduced to $7000 = $125 x 56 months 0% interest.

$15,288 REDUCED TO $4,480

Original Debt of $15,288 + interest is now reduced to $4480 = $80 x 56 months with 0% interest.

$21,400 REDUCED TO $5,880

Original debt of $21,400 + interest is now reduced to $5880 = $105 x 56 months with 0% interest.

$46,000 REDUCED TO $14,000

Original debt of $46,000 + interest is now reduced to $14,000 = $250 x 56 months with 0% interest

$25,000 REDUCED TO $9,120

Original debt of $25,000 + interest is now reduced to $9,120 = $152 x 60 months with 0% interest

$85,000 REDUCED TO $22,020

DEBT LOAD OF $85,000. NOW SUCCESSFULLY REDUCED DOWN TO $22,020= $367 x 60 months with 0% interest

$8,000 REDUCED TO $3,540

DEBT LOAD OF $8000. Now successfully reduced to -- $3540 = $59 x 60 months with 0% interest

$42,000 REDUCED TO $12,000

DEBT LOAD OF $42,000. NOW SUCCESSFULLY REDUCED DOWN TO $12,000 = $200 x 60 months with 0% interest

$12,000 REDUCED TO $3,000

STUDENT LOAN DEBT LOAD of $12,000. Client has been carrying this loan for over 7 years. SUCCESSFULLY REDUCED DOWN TO $3,000 = $50 x 60 months with 0% interest!

$34,450 REDUCED TO $11,200

$34,450 Reduced to $11,200. New monthly payment of $200 x 56 months with 0% interest.

$22,550 REDUCED TO $7,840

$25,550 Reduced to $7840.00. New monthly payment of $140 x 56 months with 0% interest.

$35,380 REDUCED TO $8,120

$35,380 Reduced to $8,120. New monthly payment of $145 x 56 months with 0% interest.

$10,600 REDUCED TO $3,920

$10,600 Reduced to $3920. New monthly payment of $70 x 56 months with 0% interest.

$29,900 REDUCED TO $5,600

$29,900 Reduced to $5600. New monthly payment of $100 x 56 months with 0% interest.


Unedited Testimonials

"I am thankful for God for putting John in my path and grateful for the opportunity of working with such a wonderful person. John is very empathetic and reminded me that even those who do their best to manage their finances can end up in dire situations. I would recommend John to anyone struggling with debts and financial problems in a heart beat."


"From the very first phone call, I could tell immediately that John and Jennifer were highly professional, yet warm, engaging and genuinely interested in their client's needs. Their personalities are well suited to the kind of business they are in; assisting people with debt management. This can be a stressful time for their clients, yet through it all they give their clients a sense of calm assuredness which ensured I felt that I was being supported by people who truely cared. I highly recommend them!"


"When I sat down with Jennifer, I was greeted with a smile. Her kindness and thoughtfulness was way above my expectations and the manner in which she represented not only herself but the business she carried was very professional. Because of Jennifer's help, I am dealing with my debt. I am less stressed and I am more knowledgeable about my financial options. Thank you for helping me, Jennifer!"


"I was a mess at that time I met John and Jennifer. I almost gave up until I met them. They were very kind, supportive, understanding, and openhearted to listen to me. I was in debt for $47,000 and now my debt was cut to $14,000 with 0% interest! Because of their help, I was able to reclaim my life back. I can now focus on my life. Literally, you help me LIVE again!!! Thank you so much and God bless you..."


"Like most of the teenagers, I had never cared about my credit rating during my teenage life. Although, my parents tried their best to explain me the importance of Credit history, but I never bothered. I was getting tired of all the calls from Collection Agencies & being denied for anything I will apply for. Once, I realized my mistake, most of the people told me that it was too late and that I will probably be paying back the companies that I owe for years before I can get my mistake rectified. I tried other consolidation companies before but they were more concerned about their fees, than my situation. Most of them will not even open my file until I pay their fees. Finally, through word of mouth at the airport, where I used to work, I was made aware of 4Pillars Calgary . I contacted Mr. John Croft and he sat down with me and explained to me all my alternatives. Due to numerous failures, I had a lot of questions for him and he was very patient with me and took time to answer all my inquiries. I have now already started my initial steps to rectify all the issues on my credit report. This proved to me and to all the people that I am talking to about this company, that the solution to your problem is their first priority. I can't thank them enough but my sincere thanks to Mr. John Croft and his team who made, what other people told me that it was impossible, so easy and conveniently possible. I wish 4Pillars Calgary team all the best with the great work that you are doing and helping individuals like me to get a second chance to be a better citizen with a better credit history."

Best Regards,


"I can't thank John and Jenn enough for their support during this very stressful time in my life. I had become a slave to my debt, and could see NO way out. I was sceptical before my initial meeting with John. He assured me, they could help turn my life around. And that they did ! I am now rebuilding my credit, and my "HAPPY LIFE' is back.!"


"I would like to start by saying how grateful I am for having met Jennifer and John Croft, along with everybody at 4 Pillars Calgary. Just a few months ago my family was in deep debt and I was extremely stressed, I felt desperate and hopeless. I kept hearing the word bankruptcy and it made me feel terrified. Our circumstances were delicate because of my daughter's health. She had been born premature and had to be hospitalized for almost a year. Once she came home, she had a tracheostomy and was put on oxygen so she required 24/7 care. I wasn't able to go back to work full time so we relied on my husband's sole income for almost 3 years. This put us in a very complicated financial situation. This all changed the minute I spoke to John and Jennifer Croft. They immediately made me feel like there was hope and gave me a sense of relief. They offered me great advice and showed me how to manage my debt in the best way possible for my family. Not once did they made me feel bad or guilty about my debt, instead they made me feel understood and they offered my financial counselling that allowed my family not only to manage our debt in a healthy manner but also to manage our budget wisely. John and Jennifer Croft are incredible knowledgeable and generous people that treated me with humanity and kindness. I cannot say enough about them. I am forever grateful for all their help. Thanks to them my family is now in a healthy route to financial balance. Thank you!"


"I would like to send my big thank you for the awesome help I have received from you personally and the rest of your staff. I must admit that i was hesitant at first, but after thoroughly reading info from your website and listening to your convincing video ad , I would have to say I took the first step because of that. From day one being unsure of what to expect to the day the proposal was signed, I was more than happy with the personal service I received. It is the best choice I have done so far in regards to personal financing.The relief I now have knowing that I do not have to deal with stressful financial obligations, but instead steady worry free payments. Thank you so much! It wasn't easy to accept this is happening but YOU made everything ok for me and my family. I wish you the best in your profession, I know that your being a beautiful person inside and out will take you to helping more people in need."


"It is difficult to meet people as caring and understanding as John & Jennifer Croft at 4 Pillars Calgary. During such a difficult and daunting time, their ability to educate and willingness to provide sound advice was paramount to my ability to move forward. This combined with a welcoming staff and accepting atmosphere made a very difficult situation quite manageable and somewhat relieving. On a personal note, John and Jennifer are an inspiration and treat their clients as a family, which was refreshing and sets a standard that any organization could learn from. Thank you both very much for developing a solution that was suited to my circumstances and especially for continuing to walk with me, at my pace, along the way.

Your Friend,"


Dear John,

"I do tell all the people that are close to me that I am so glad I found you. And I tell people that I think could benefit from your services to contact you. MY ONLY REGRET IS NOT COMING IN TO SEE YOU SOONER!!! I suffered for so many years but the process was painless and enlightening. I am no longer embarrassed for what happened and starting over isn’t as awful as I thought it was going to be. Thank you John – your professionalism saved my life and allowed me to continue to provide for my son."


"I met someone that I allowed to con me financially and put my credit rating in the toilet. I found John and Jennifer and they coached me into re-building my credit and regain my self respect. Through them I was able to start repaying my creditors and avoid bankruptcy. I have been able to increase my payments so I can chop a few months off! I have learned many lessons along the way and I feel very positive about my future. I have an enormous amount of gratitude to John and Jennifer for all their support and I appreciate their non judgemental attitude and encouragement. Thank you so much for the difference you have made in my life!"


"During the summer of 2013, I contacted Jennifer Croft at 4 Pillars to discuss my financial situation. I was convinced my situation was bleak. I was seriously considering A: declaring bankruptcy, or B: leaving Canada for at least the next ten years. Jennifer assured me that where ever there is a problem, there is always a solution. She assured me that her husband John and her could, given some time, find a solution to my financial issues. She was telling the truth. She was not lying. She was able to put together a financial plan that was rational, practical, and above all else, realistic and attainable. That they delivered on that promise. They made a plan for me, and executed it. They really help me get my financial life back in order and I am living like a normal person again. Jennifer and John at 4 Pillars Calgary: Honesty, clarity, respectable at all times. I suggest them often. Use them if you must. You won't be disappointed!"


"My name is Patricia and I was a client of 4 Pillars Calgary in 2012. I was referred by my accountant Rob as he saw all my expense and the struggle I was going through to keep my head above water. I was very nervous going as I never been in this situation of financial debt. With all I have been through in my life from divorce and losing my business, and family passing,I thought life couldn't get better. Then I meet John and his beautiful wife Jen and not only did they make me feel better that life goes on and will get better they treated me like I was family. I have been discharged as of may of 2013 and slowly but surely I'm on my way to the top. I'm so grateful for them and what they did for me, and tell anyone I know, and those who are afraid like me there is help for financial debt, with John and Jen your not alone there with you every step of the way. Thank you so much!"



Will this hurt my credit?

Anytime you are unable to meet your financial obligations it will always hurt your credit. Our job is to walk you through different solutions available to you and inform you of all the potential credit implications.

Do you help with credit rebuilding?

Yes, we only consider our job half done if we only reduced your debt. Our job is to help you rebuild your credit so you can rebuild your financial freedom.

Do you also help with budgeting?

Yes we help you create a personalized budget to ensure you don't fall into this financial situation again. We'll also provide an ongoing services for you and your family's money management.

Can you help me if I'm being sued or garnished?

Yes, definitely. And we will work very quickly to stop it as soon as possible!

How much does your service cost?

We know you are in a financial bind. We are not here to take advantage of your situation but to work FOR you so that we are also able to ACHIEVE a favourable result for you as well as receive compensation for the work we do. Our service fee depends on HOW MUCH debt you owe. WHO your creditors are, the COMPLEXITY of your file and more importantly, your BUDGET and AFFORDABILITY! In our free consultations with you, we will create a fee structure WITH you that works FOR you.

Why would we use your company over a non-profit company?

The main difference is we represent your best interest, unlike bankruptcy trustees and credit counsellors who represent your creditors' best interest. A Bankruptcy Trustee and credit counsellor's job is to collect as much as possible, as they get their share out of the amount you pay your creditors. While our job is for you to pay as little back as required to your creditors without any conflict of interest.

How do I know if I qualify for your assistance?

Contact us today at 403-668-6493 to set up a free consultation with one of our specialists.

Why 4 Pillars Calgary for debt reduction services?

We are an established Canadian debt restructuring firm representing the best interest of the debtor since 1998. We have helped thousands of Canadian settle almost $1 billion of debt. We represent you and not your creditors! By acting as your advocate, we negotiate the lowest debt repayment plan in place saving you thousands of dollars in the process as well as helping you rebuild your credit and teaching you how to have a simple and sustainable financial plan that is easy to follow in order to save for your family's future!

If you would like to change your future, start taking control of your finances, and be debt free in 5 years or less and pay no interest or penalties, stop delaying and give us a call TODAY at:

(403) 668-6493

or fill out the form above for a free, confidential debt reduction assessment and advice.